• Climate change impacts in Sub-Saharan Africa: from physical changes to its social repercussions
  • Factors influencing Agripreneurship and their role in Agripreneurship performance among young graduates- Is Agripreneurship an untap opportunity for the African Youth?
  • Engaged, Disengaged or Disinterested? Revisiting Youth political participation in the governance of Africa- Challenges and the way forward
  • Engaging Youth in policy-making processes – The case of Africa
  • The benefits and Impact of Volunteerism: Should it always be about money?
  • Is Foreign Aid still a necessity for Africa – Open Forum
  • Developing your vision/dream- The Entrepreneurial mindset to fight youth unemployment
  • Is democracy a good thing and is it working for Africa? Is democracy the best way to select who runs our country? Is it unequivocally a good thing?
  • The Winner Takes All Democracy- Time to rethink
  • Understanding and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – The Role of the African Youth
  •  Positioning yourself for the job market and becoming a Pro in your Profession

To provide a unique platform for youth leaders across Africa to exchange experience and ideas and empower them to possess the tools needed to realize their vision for a better community.

To foster and boost a continental network for the youth leaders to pursue cross-border community projects with actionable roadmaps to address some of Africa’s pressing issues.

To thoroughly discuss and brainstorm solutions to challenges being confronted by the African youth and develop projects/initiatives that will help solve or address these challenges.

To contribute to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals

  • Keynote Speeches
  • 2 Open Forums (Delegates)
  • Joint Interactive Session between a top government official of the Host Country and Delegates (moderated session)
  • Mentorship session (participants will choose their dream careers or areas they want to receive an hour mentorship on during the application stage)
  • Research Presentation (7 minutes each) on topics to be discussed at panel sessions
  •  Panel discussions
  • Close door session with Special Guests and Speakers
  • Networking
  • Panel discussions
  • Breakout sessions/group discussions/parallel thematic
  • Selected Delegates with entrepreneurial ideas or businesses, community projects to brief delegates (presentation) on successful impactful projects they have embarked on in their various countries
  • Workshop/Training for Young African Leaders SDG Change Ambassadors
  • Graduation ceremony for Young African Leaders SDG Change Ambassadors & *Future Leaders Fellowship Programme participants
  • Induction ceremony for Fellow and Associate Members
  • Official swearing in of all Country management team members
  • Informal session with the President of YGLN and Global Leadership
  • Joint Global and Country management (Country Directors and all country management team members across Africa) team meeting in the evening – shall include orientation and training
  • Leadership confidence building activities
  • Socialization, Party and Networking session
  • Business plan training
  • YGLN African Youth General Assembly (AYGA) meeting (Model Africa Union) for members (members shall elect Secretary-General and Executives)
  •  Awards Presentation including Best Performing YGLN Country Team
  • Presentation of Certificates of participation
  • Presentation of Certificates of Training
  • Tour and Beach Party
  • Summit closure


We seek to be the world’s leading network that trains and prepares young leaders for politics, diplomacy and entrepreneurship.