Are you looking for an opportunity to represent the many African youths and be their mouthpiece? Are you ready to help brainstorm and develop innovative ways of dealing with the challenges the African youth is confronted with? Are you passionate about youth leadership and willing to develop it further?

We have open nominations for the upcoming African Youth General Assembly 2021 elections, and closes on 31 July 2021.

YGLN shall have a YGLN African Youth General Assembly (Model African Union).
Delegates shall vote for a Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary-General, Assembly Secretary and other key officers relevant to serve the assembly for a term of 3 years.
The General Assembly will meet once a year at each year’s YALS summit to discuss current issues affecting individual countries and propose solutions to them.
The Assembly’s Leadership will also provide support to the Executives and Management of The Young Global Leaders Network in the execution of its mission.
The Assembly shall in consultation and approval of the President of YGLN administrative officers. The Assembly shall elect sector ministers. Each Minister will deliver a state of his/her ministry at every General Assembly and members of the Assembly will have the opportunity to deliberate and propose solutions and find ways of getting the proposed solutions implemented.

We seek to be the world’s leading network that trains and prepares young leaders for politics, diplomacy and entrepreneurship.

The mission of AYGA is to stimulate innovation, professionalism and leadership through recognizing and developing the unique capabilities in members or African youth allowing them to realize a broader perspective of themselves and their communities.
This is also to expose members to a wide array of issues relating to Africa including; political, health, economic, sociocultural, education security as well as environmental matters. Boosting members understanding of the capabilities and limitations of governments in Africa. This is to prepare the youth for mainstream leadership.
The Assembly’s important task is to draft a comprehensive resolution at the end of each Summit to be delivered to AU, UN and heads of states.

  • Between the ages of 18 and 31
  •  All African countries
  • Two years’ work experience in a youth – led organization
  • Must have applied to participate in the Young African Leaders Summit 2020 Ethiopia and paid summit registration fees
  • Nominees/Candidates should attend or Ability to attend the Young African Leaders Summit 2020 Ethiopia as voting and induction will be done and this requires the candidate to attend in person 


2020 to 2024

Executives will serve a 3-year term. We will accept nominations and successful applicants will be made to campaign at our summit and be voted for by delegates.

  • Secretary-General
  • Deputy Secretary-General of Partnership
  • Deputy Secretary-General of Improvement & Strategy
  • General Assembly Executive Secretary
  • Africa Youth Minister for Health
  • Africa Youth Minister of Youth Development
  • Africa Youth Minister of Education
  • Africa Youth Minister of Entrepreneurship
  • Africa Youth Minister of Employment
  • Africa Youth Minister of Youth Participation in Governance
  • Africa Youth Minister of Women and Children
  • Operations & Programs Director for the African Youth General Assembly