The Young Global Leaders Network (YGLN), is calling for submissions of poems, original research papers on any of the panel topics for the summit, photography or other visual arts for publication in the brochure for its second edition of the Young African Leaders Summit (Y.A.L.S 2021). We are especially interested in underrepresented voices of all kinds that convey a unique perspective and an insight into the African world.
Previously published work/papers will not be considered, and this includes work published on social media and personal websites. The research papers will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
• Content and relevance in terms of Africa’s development
• Innovation and creativity.
• Entrepreneurship, climate change
• Any of the topics to be treated at the Summit
Publications will be credited to respective writers.

We seek to be the world’s leading network that trains and prepares young leaders for politics, diplomacy and entrepreneurship.

1) Poetry
2) Photography
3) Research papers to be presented by the authors on the panel topics below:

  1. Climate change impacts in Sub-Saharan Africa: from physical changes to its social repercussions
  2. Factors influencing Agripreneurship and their role in Agripreneurship performance among young graduates- Is Agripreneurship an untap opportunity for the African Youth?
  3. Engaged, Disengaged or Disinterested? Revisiting Youth political participation in the governance of Africa- Challenges and the way forward
  4. Engaging Youth in policy-making processes – The case of Africa
  5. The benefits and Impact of Volunteerism: Should it always be about money?
  6. Entrepreneurship as a tool for development
  7. Is Foreign Aid still a necessity for Africa – Open Forum
  8. Developing your vision/dream- The Entrepreneurial mindset
  9. Is democracy a good thing and is it working for Africa? Is democracy the best way to select who runs our country? Is it unequivocally a good thing?
  10. The Winner Takes All Democracy- Time to rethink
  11. Understanding and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals – The Role of the African Youth
  12. Positioning yourself for the job market and becoming a Pro in your Profession
  • Only one research paper per entrant will be permitted.
  • Entrant must be aged between 18 and 40
  • The writer must be a national of, or ordinarily resident in an African Country
  • Essay should be written in English, French or Swahili. (English is most preferred)
  • Selected research papers will be given a time slot at the 2021 summit to present their research or findings to delegates
  • The Research paper (in word document) or Poetry
    Include your name, one-sentence bio, country, email address and phone number.
  • Professional headshot
  • by emailing to writeforus@yglnetwork.com.
  • Use “YALS Brochure Submission” as email subject.
  • Deadline: 3rd June 2021

By submitting your write-up, you confirm that:

  •  you have read and thoroughly understood the rules and requirements as explained above.
  • you meet the eligibility requirements outlined above.
  • The work submitted is your own original work and hereby grant permission for this essay and your name and picture as the author to be used by YALS in public communications