There is no more powerful transformative force than education—to promote human rights and dignity, to eradicate poverty and deepen sustainability, to build a better future for all, founded on equal rights and social justice, respect for cultural diversity, and international solidarity and shared responsibility, all of which are fundamental aspects of our common humanity.”

—Irina Bokova, former Director-General of UNESCO

We are seeking to appoint 100 YALS SDG Change Ambassadors ready to solve diverse societal challenge or problem and/or advocating for one of their preferred SDG’s in their societies or countries.




To help reach our goal of actively supporting and enhancing the work of the United Nations’ efforts, and to contribute towards solving societal problems and raising solution based leaders as an organization, our Young African Leaders (YALS) SDG’s Change Ambassador Programme (YALSCAP) contributes to the 2030 Agenda and our Ambassadors shall support the SDG’s in the following ways:

  • Connect with global educators dedicated to responding to a call to action within education to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Point to open and accessible resources, lessons plans, and global projects directly aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Adopt one SDG, build a project around it, seek and build partnership around achieving it and advocating for it globally with much concentration in Africa.
  • Leading small- or large-scale projects in support of the chosen SDG.
  • Leveraging private and public connections to spread the message.
  • Advance the work of the United Nations in relation to education through advocacy and outreach.
  • Create and Manage your own social media accounts with a page title – Young African Leader SDG Change Ambassador followed by your name. An example is; Young African Leader SDG Change Ambassador Benedicta Baffu
  • Your customised badge (which will have your image) will be your profile picture and the page website shall be – After you have passed the training and qualified, our Program Director will guide you to create your social media accounts to meet the standards of the team. The purpose of the accounts is to advance your advocacy of your societal issue and reach out to many with your message and promote your SDG project as well as promote Young African Leaders Summit
  • Informing and influencing policy
  • Incorporating the Goals into organizations
  • Pitching creative ideas and strategies to organizations for funding for your project
  • Should be aged between 18 and 40 years
  • Citizen of an African Country
  • Have identified an issue or societal problem around one of the SDG’s that you want to contribute to solving it
  • Intends to participate in the Young African Leaders Summit 2022
  • Demonstrate experience and strong capacity in community service and youth development
  • Passionate about using your skills to make positive impact in their community
  • Interested in leadership, poverty alleviation, climate change and entrepreneurship for Africa sustainable development and the SDG’s
  • And most importantly, have applied as Delegate for the Young African Leaders Summit

If you are interested in becoming a YAL SDG Change Ambassador, please click on the Apply Now! below to join our maiden cohort. This application link leads you to the application form for Young African Leaders Summit 2020 Ethiopia.

Selected Applicants will be notified via email and shall receive an official participation letter detailing the trainings they will undergo which will include guiding participants choose 1 or 2 SDG’s to run as a project by becoming an Ambassador. Training will be a day training with certificates issued at the end of the training.

To participate in this and become a Young African Leaders SDG Change Ambassador, you should have applied as a Delegate for the Young African Leaders Summit 2022 and participate in the Summit as further training shall take place at the Summit and for you to be able to present your project and solution to the audience.

On the YAL Summit Application form as well, write the SDG problem you are interested in.